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About us

We’re a small but energetic group of people who are working towards enabling our local community to be better placed to thrive over the long term and at the same time be less dependent upon oil.

‘Transition’ is a global movement, with literally thousands of towns getting involved in many different countries; it’s important to know, though that each ‘Transition town’ operates exclusively for the benefit of it’s own LOCAL Community. Cowbridge is our ‘centre’.


PHONE: 01446 775686

This is what we do…

We promote the consumption of locally grown, seasonally available produce. At a time when we are being exposed to ever more information about the cost of moving our food around the planet, often at the expense of poorly paid and exploted people in the developed world. We can better sustain our local community by sourcing our food on our own doorstep.

In this way…

We’re supporting our local businesses, putting more through their tills and keeping our wealth with in our community, helping to maintain Cowbridge in a healthy financial state that benefits all of us.

And there is more…

We’re committed, in the longer term, to finding better ways to transport people around the locality. We’ll be focusing on cost, comfort, convenience and of course emissions.

Energy is never going to come down in price which is why we’ll be lobbying hard at Local and National Government levels to bring alternative energy supply technologies to local residents at prices that are genuinely affordable and cost effective.

And then there is the environment…

Of course it’s not OUR environment, is it? It’s belongs to those generations who follow after us. We have a great responsibility to be good custodians that we take very seriously. If ever there was a case for leaving something as you would like to find it, this is surely that!

Visit our Projects Page to see what we’ve done, our Events Page to see what we are going to do.